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You're fighting the good fight and the only people who disagree with you are doing it for attention! Feels good, right? Yeah, but nobody's buying it Anonymous Coward , 13 Jul 7: I am not passing judgement on the people.

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Why do you get that feeling? Are you trying to put words in my mouth again? Dan Bull shows up at the front of every "movement" these days It's my opinion, can you handle that? Or do you feel the need to tell me what my opinion should be too?

You are a laugh a minute. Anonymous Coward , 13 Jul 8: Leigh Beadon profile , 13 Jul 8: Anonymous Coward , 13 Jul 9: Colin , 13 Jul 2: Karim , 12 Jul 4: I think this is a classic case of "being a dick". Vog profile , 12 Jul 4: See, I am Pirate Mike and I'd like to say hello. To the new, to the free, the old and the wrong, the pirates and shill trolls.

This is so bad that you're going to have to give a citation for anyone to get the joke.

Mac Miller: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Vog profile , 12 Jul 5: I didn't think something that was linked in the article would be that obscure, even if I thought my joke was that far off from the song lyrics. S7 , 13 Jul Lozine , 12 Jul 4: That One Guy profile , 12 Jul 5: So he's suing someone for 10 million for using the background music of one of 'his' songs, and it turns out that 'his' music was actually from another artist as well.

I wonder how much he paid Oscar Peterson for the music that he's now suing over? I'm going to take a wild guess that it was probably either nothing at all, or a gorram lot less than 10 million. That Anonymous Coward profile , 12 Jul 7: I am guessing the difference is Mac Miller was successful, and this other troll was not.

Why in a society that seems to have not problem with stealing other people's work should there be an issue? Rappers are like roaches, they will survive any nuclear event. Are you addressing the "some people"? Because yes - nobody here was asserting that's true. It's clearly ridiculous. Rap is, as you say, based on the use of other stuff without permission - perhaps more purely and directly so than any other genre of music.

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JMT profile , 12 Jul So you're right, this fundamental part of how culture develops will not be going away any time soon. Hopefully the lawyers will though. Yeah, thankfully we moved out of the caves and no longer have such primitive views on things, right? I could be wrong, but I doubt that neither Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides nor Aristophanes lived in a cave.

Not So Hip 2 Da Game: 90s Rapper Sues Upstart Mac Miller For Doing What Rappers Do | Techdirt

Plato told a crackling good story about one, though. I know that Shakespeare, whoever he was apart from the most brazen thief of Intellectual Property before uncle Walt, did not live in a cave. The opera composers of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries most likely had splendid urban digs, being for the most part closely associated with aristocratic patrons.

Those gangstas ripped off each others' tunes wholesale. More recently, Disney himself, who absconded with huge massive piles of our common culture to stash in his secret underground freezer, keeps cool at absolute zero -- wait, quite possibly in a cave come to think of it -- I don't really know where he's refrigerated. Bas Grasmayer profile , 13 Jul 1: What a shame. I respect Lord Finesse for what he meant for hiphop So he decides to sue and make money that way.

You'd think these oldschool guys would have a more thorough understanding of Hiphop culture.


Lord Binky , 13 Jul 7: Another reason permission systems fail It's because business decisions are being based on how people 'feel', which is impossible to make into a consistant system much less write rules for how people will 'feel' in the future so you are able to predict the result which is important for things like budgets or most business functions I'd be pissed too if somebody used my work to promote theirs.

Now in this case, Loud Finesse has been doing what this new rapper did: But in general, I'm fine with people acquiring my work for free, but I draw the line at making money off it. Anonymous Coward , 16 Jul 5: Link to "Dream of You" by Oscar Peterson: Cheap Grillz , 21 Sep 8: Rappers let their grillz do the talking. You already know.

Lord Finesse Sues Mac Miller Over Unauthorized “Hip 2 Da Game” Usage

Anonymous Coward , 11 Jul 4: What a load of crap. Remix is the only way that music can be original nowadays as mostly everything has been done already. There's no reason for this has-been nobody to be picking on a newer artist who got successful doing what he couldn't.

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  4. Copyright law is such a joke anyway. Four new games added to the Bundle today,including Bastion and Limbo for best email service for mac. U lot r crazy, dont comment on someone u know nothing about.

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