How to backup data from mac that wont boot

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How to Recover Data from any Mac Macbook ,iMac, Mac Pro, Mac Mini

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How to recover data from MacBook which won't startup properly? Ask Question. More information: Charlie Charlie 6 1 1 3. Connect the two computers with a FireWire or Thunderbolt cable. Start up the computer to be used as a disk in target disk mode: If the computer is off, start it up while holding down the T key. When the computer has started up, a disk icon appears on the desktop of the other computer. Transfer files by dragging them to and from the disk.

5 Ways to Backup Your Mac That Won’t Boot in Recovery Mode – Scott Ng

What to do about the OS? I set the backup going and a progress bar appeared and seemed to be working. I left it going and returned to find iMac seemingly asleep, mouse movement woke it, but to a blank dark grey screen. Thanks it worked for me. To save my data from Mac, I needed to format my external harddisk formated in a windows and Mac to use it on Mac I needed to erase the external disk on Mac.

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After this It was possible to save my data from HD. Then I erase my HD Mac. I have re formatted the external drive I am trying to back up to so there is nothing on it. Any ideas of what I can do? Is this the same as making a Time Machine backup? In other words, when the backup is done, will I be able to restore the Mac using what was just backed up on the removable hard drive…just like restoring from a Time Machine backup?

Used these instructions to back up to an external hard drive. Worked just fine, except it did not backup the user library folder for mail which is the one I needed the most. Hi Larry Can you please show me the process. I am really battling here and petrified to loose all the stuff on the Pro. Thank you!

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Thank you, it also worked for me. Thanks for the advice! After trying all the options and still getting errors could not back up , I grabbed an empty external hard drive, booted into recovery HD, and then used the disc utility to format the hard drive as Mac Journaled drive. Install the macOS to your external hard drive and boot from it. Now you can see your original HD as a secondary drive and back up all the files you need. File too large. The told Macintosh size is Gbs needs to back up and I have over Gbs left in the external drive using for back-up but its keep on happening again and again.

Appreciate if someone can suggest. I can start my MacBook to login.

But, I cannot use the keyboard. What can I do?

Please help me. Suggestions appreciated. Thank you. Any advice? Your email address will not be published. How to News Not working? Tips and Tricks Guides.

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You are here: Comments Question: Is this still creating the image in question? Thanks, Luke. How am I supposed to have a flash drive with gb of free space lol. There was no mention of using a flash drive. Use an external hard drive.

Enter Recovery Mode

You will likely need to use a second Mac to copy the drive's contents using an adapter cable, but another option is to replace your current Mac's drive, install a fresh copy of OS X, and then use the healthy installation to attempt recovery of your data from the faulty drive. Secondary or external hard drive If you have a spare external hard drive, then you can use that as an intermediary on which to install OS X and boot the system. Then you can use that installation to manage the data on your normal boot drive.

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  • If your external drive is big enough, then one option is to install the OS to this drive and then try using the OS X migration assistant to transfer all of your data, applications, and settings to the new drive. After your data is migrated, you can use a cloning utility or even the same process with Migration Assistant to transfer the data back to the main boot drive at a later point.

    Regardless of the method you use to access and back up the data on the faulty boot drive, the drive must be readable.

    Backup options in Recovery Mode

    Therefore, if your drive is only suffering from a software configuration glitch that prevents it from booting then you are in a relatively good situation; however, if the drive will not mount or has other filesystem corruption, then even if you use the above options you may still have problems accessing your data. In these situations, using robust disk utility software may be your only hope.

    Tools like Drive Genius or Disk Tools Pro are great at rebuilding disk volumes and filesystem structures, but the most reputable option for rebuilding volumes is DiskWarrior. Apple's Disk Utility is a good starter, tool, but many times is not enough to tackle major directory corruption, and it will not repair faulty partitions. Run these tools' repair routines on the faulty drive to see if you can get the drive working again, and if so then immediately back up your important data off it. While the drive may be working again, the fix may only be temporary, especially if the drive is experiencing hardware problems.

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