Mac terminal quit all apps

How to force quit an application on a mac

Confirm the operation. If all the above steps did not help, then you still have the ability to force shut down the application via the command line. Launch the Terminal and type the following command:.

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Be careful not to lose important unsaved data. You can download Memory Cleaner from the App Store. Now, using Automator , you can create an application in just a few seconds that can be placed on your dock and clicked on just once to shut down all other open apps in just a few seconds.

How to Quit All Open Applications on Mac with a “Quit All” App

Open up Automator from your Applications folder or through Spotlight, then select "Application" and click on "Choose" to get started. Through the list of actions shown in the middle window, find "Quit All Applications," then double-click it to create a window on the right side of Automator. Put a check next to "Ask to save changes" if you want certain apps with unsaved data to prompt you to save changes before they close.

Overkill: 5 Ways to Force Quit an App in Mac OS X

If not, keep that unchecked. If you want certain applications to remain open while all others close, add them to the "Do not quit" list.

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Click on "Add You can always close these apps one-by-one, but you can also harness the power of Automator to create a one-click solution that will handle this task for you. For our purposes, however, creating a custom app to quit all open applications in OS X is simple: In the list of actions on the left, locate the one labeled Quit All Applications you can use the search box to quickly locate this or any other action or variable.

How to force an app to quit on your Mac

Drag and drop this action into the blank space on the right of the Automator window. Once the Quit All Applications action is in place, you can customize it as desired. First, if you want any applications with unsaved data to ask you to save changes when you run the finished Quit app, make sure that box is checked.

Leaving it unchecked will force all applications to close, even those with unsaved data. admin