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Is there a restaurant menu dictionary? Is there a tapas dictionary? Vegetarian Tapas Dictionary What are some typical Spanish dishes? What are typical Spanish sweets and desserts? Does Spain have vintage car museums? What are some useful phrases in Spanish? First stop all server processes like httpd and mysqld, then exit the MAMP program.

After everything has stopped you can copy or move the MAMP directory. This ZIP archive can be copied anywhere The target computer must be a Mac. Everything is going exactly as in the section download and installation. In this way you can prepare your Moodle for a presentation or a training lab, and then distribute it.

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In various workshops we used Moodle4Mac as a quick server installation for our local network. Please read the safety instructions of Moodle4Mac. In this section you will see all required settings to use the server in the local network. Only three steps are required. The first step is to change one line in the config. In the second step you need to adjust the base address in Moodle. And in your third step you open the firewall for httpd. To get your Moodle to another computer in your local network your Mac must be clearly addressable.

In local networks usually ip addresses of the private sections If your Moodle4Mac gets an ip address this address must never change.

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Please do not use any static ip address if you do not know exactly what you do For the following your computer should be a Mac in a computer lab. For this example it has the the fixed ip address You must use your own address for your own network!! After your changes you should get your Moodle with the address http: The original base address localhost is stored in many places within the database, your Moodle will not work properly with the modified base address.

But images can not be displayed because they are accessible only from their correct address. From your local computer you might not see the problems but if you are outside on a computer getting access to the site. Moodle has a tool that allows you to replace the database entries from http: You call this tool via the address http: Use the correct spelling in both fields! With the hook you acknowledge that you know about the risk The firewall in OS X If the firewall is disabled, although Moodle4Mac works without further settings in the network, but your computer is vulnerable to all requests from the outside The the system firewall of OS X is a packet filter that determines for each program if a data packet should be passed or blocked.

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If the firewall is enabled every program must be entered on a list to respond to requests from outside. You will find httpd in the MAMP folder To enter httpd into the whitelist of the firewall you must click forward on this path You need to get this setting for the firewall only once. If httpd is approved then all computers in your local network can access to Moodle Do not open the firewall for mysqld because Moodle itself gets a connection to mysql on the server but no user should communicate with mysql directly from the client.

Your web server can be connected with the url http: Usually such local numbers start with When you got all settings right then all users from any computer in your network will see your Moodle via http: And there will be no problem with any operating system. MAMP can be used for testing and developing web sites locally on a Mac computer.

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MAMP should not be used in a production environment because everybody knows all the settings and all the predefined passwords. MAMP is prepared for an easy start and not for a public web server!! But with some careful modifications, you can sufficiently secure MAMP and Moodle4Mac to use them in public development environments. Be careful!

Moodle4Mac is a preconfigured package where all the default settings are accessible. The password for the Moodle admin user is known and must necessarily be changed.

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But please do not think that this should be enough! Your Moodle could also be attacked through the back door via the database. You definitely need to change the passwords of the database users root and moodle, because these passwords are known. Otherwise any hacker could change the password of the user account admin to get full access to all the information in Moodle. admin