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David Gewirtz says he's long overdue upgrading his iMac, but he's been waiting for new Macs from Apple. With a big announcement coming up, he shares with us his dream iMac features. Eye-candy and productivity in equal measure. Mojave focuses on the Mac's traditional strengths of simplicity and ease-of-use, while also bringing some of its newer mobile technologies onto the platform for the first time. Apple inch MacBook Pro Impressive performance at a premium price. Few laptops combine heavyweight performance and lightweight design as effectively as the inch MacBook Pro, especially while offering all-day battery life.

Apple iMac Pro late review: An AIO for the Pro crowd. It's seriously expensive, but Apple has finally released an iMac that can handle VR and other high-end content-creation tasks.

The first refresh to Apple’s desktop computer since 2013.

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Mac Pro 12222: release date, price, specs and latest news

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Perhaps it can inherit a bunch of new processor and graphics options at the same time the Mac Pro is released? Seems like a good time to do that. But is the year that Apple has said it will provide developers with a way to bring their iOS apps to the Mac. And this is why I think that is the dawn of the Third Age of Mac. No drama there. But my hope is that this is a larger story, involving new tools for developers, a new set of design and user-interface guidelines, an interface refresh across iOS and macOS to make them more unified, and the creation of a unified Apple app platform. Sure, the Mac will continue to run classic Mac apps, but the road to the future will be written with what we currently think of as iOS apps.

The Mac will look different. The software it runs will be different. But there will be much more of it, which is exciting! And perhaps most intriguingly, when all of these apps built for touch interfaces make the move to the Mac, it makes it easier for Apple to introduce touch to the Mac interface for the first time.

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  • Some Mac Pros manufactured between February 8, and April 11, have faulty video cards that can cause distorted video, no video, system instability, freezing, restarts, and shut downs. Apple has initiated a repair program for affected machines and will fix the issue free of charge.

    Mac Pro | AppleInsider

    Both graphics cards must be replaced on Mac Pros exhibiting issues, and customers with problematic machines should visit an Apple retail store, an Apple Authorized Service Provider, or call Apple support to find out if they are eligible for a free repair. Apple's Mac Pro can be purchased via the online Apple Store.

    The Mac Pro is also available from Apple's online refurbished store , which offers the desktop in various configurations that are priced 15 percent below standard retail prices. Development on the Mac Pro tower stagnated in recent years, with the last major update coming in mid Users waited almost two years for an update following that launch amid reports that Apple was "questioning" the future of the line, and were ultimately extremely disappointed to receive only a minor speed bump in mid, an update which failed to move to Intel's then-latest Sandy Bridge E processors or bring innovations such as Thunderbolt that had already debuted on other Mac lines.

    In response to the outcry over the extremely minor mid update, which resulted in Apple quickly retracting its "New" label in its online store, the company took the unusual step of confirming to reporters that a redesigned Mac Pro would be coming in As rolled around and there was still no sign of the Mac Pro update, Apple announced that it would be discontinuing the tower Mac Pro in Europe as of March 1 due to the machine's lack of regulatory compliance regarding fan blade and electrical port protection.

    Hope for a quick replacement was raised by a report from a French reseller claiming Apple had indicated the new Mac Pro would be arriving in the spring. Further rumors indicated an update might occur in April or May , but those claims failed to come to fruition. As it turns out, the Mac Pro saw delays because of issues with screws manufactured in the U. In the weeks leading up to WWDC , supplies of the Mac Pro began to tighten amid word that Apple was continuing to work on "something really different" for the next Mac Pro.

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    WWDC did finally bring a sneak peek at the new Mac Pro, but with a release scheduled for later in the year. Alongside the sneak peek, Apple rolled out a new feature page on its website, and several months later even began showing a teaser ad in movie theaters.

    Mac Pro and iMac

    A second unveiling with additional information on the new Mac Pro took place in October , with Apple narrowing the launch date to "December. Since , the Mac Pro has gone without an update, once again leaving professional users questioning Apple's commitment to higher-end machines. In response, Apple executives have apologized for the lack of updates and announced plans to introduce an entirely revamped modular Mac Pro machine in the future.

    The new Mac Pro is still in development and will not be ready until or later. Geekbench 3 scores first published in September provide even more data points on the performance of the Mac Pro. On the bit Multi-Core Geekbench 3 scoring, the 8-core Mac Pro registers a score of , on par with scores achieved by the highest-end and Mac Pro models running dual 6-core processors for a total of 12 cores.

    The Mac Pro also handily beats the Geekbench performance of earlier 8-core models. Additional benchmarks for the 6-core model showed up in early November, allowing for a good overview of the raw processing power of the various Mac Pro models. Where Apple has really beefed the horsepower on the Mac Pro is in the graphics department, with dual GPUs standard across the line. That graphics setup provides enough horsepower for software developers to tap into for their applications, supporting such demanding tasks as seamless editing of 4K video while rendering effects in the background, all while driving up to three 4K displays.

    Apple's Mac Pro uses all-flash storage, an expensive proposition but one that offers significant benefits in the way of speed. Macworld saw similar results with the Black Magic app, at All of the components responsible for the heavy lifting in the Mac Pro are arranged around a unique thermal core, a single piece of extruded aluminum serving as a heat sink for the entire machine.

    The design, which also maximizes airflow, allows the heat sink to maximize heat transfer under a variety of different load conditions, offering better performance than with separate heat sinks for each component. That thermal core is responsible for the cylindrical design of the Mac Pro, with the machine being topped a single large vertically mounted fan that draws air up from the bottom and through the thermal core before venting it out through the top. By optimizing fan blade size, shape, and number, Apple has been able to minimize air resistance, increasing efficiency while keeping fan noise to a minimum.

    Modular Design

    At just one-eighth the volume of the previous Mac Pro, the revamped design focuses on external expansion rather than dedicating large amounts of internal space to expansion bays. For maximum performance of external peripherals, Apple has leveraged Intel's Thunderbolt 2 technology, which doubles throughput over the previous Thunderbolt standard to 20Gbps in each direction.

    By connecting a PCI expansion chassis to a Thunderbolt 2 port on the Mac Pro, a host of peripherals become compatible with the machine. And with six Thunderbolt 2 ports each supporting up to six devices daisy-chained on them, the redesigned Mac Pro offers significant support for external expansion. Thunderbolt 2 also allows users to connect up to three 4K displays to the Mac Pro.

    As for wireless connectivity, the Mac Pro naturally includes support for the latest