Partition hdd for mac and windows

Step 5: On the next page, make sure everything is correct and select Finish. Now repeat this process for Windows. As far as partitioning goes, Macs have it a little bit easier. To start, your first step will be to find Disk Utility. The easiest way to access Disk Utility is by searching for it in Spotlight Search in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. With Disk Utility open, locate the hard drive you want to partition and select Partition.

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Partitioning a Hard Drive for Mac, Windows, and Linux

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Format a disk for Windows computers using Disk Utility on Mac

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Business Marriott asking guests for data to see if they were victims of the Starwood hack Marriott has created an online form to help you find out if your data was stolen in the massive Starwood hack that came to light toward the end of But take note, it requires you to submit a bunch of personal details. Partitioning a hard drive means preparing it to be used by the Operating System OS , creating a Volume for the Operating System to use.

Windows Vista includes a built in utility known as Disk Management that can be used to partition and format a hard drive. Please see Answer ID How to access Disk Management in Windows for more information. Mac OSX To partition and format the drive with Disk Utility, follow these steps:. In case the answer did not answer your question, you can always visit the WD Community for help from WD users.

Return to WDC. Answer ID The instructions in the article below are designed to help repartition and format a hard drive. This process is Data Destructive and cannot be undone. To partition and format the drive with Disk Management, follow these steps: Right-click on Start , the Windows logo on the bottom-left of the screen, and click Disk Management.

In the Disk Management window, the lower pane will display a list of available drives. Identify the drive that needs to be partitioned and formatted, and make sure that all critical data on this drive has been backed up elsewhere.

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If there is no critical data on the drive, or the data has been successfully backed up, right-click the bar and click Delete Volume. If Disk Management shows the drive as Not Initialized , the drive will have to be initialized. For assistance initializing a hard drive, please see Answer ID If there is no partition and data on the drive, it will appear as Unallocated , with a black bar on top.

Right-click the Unallocated space or the black bar, and click New Simple Volume. Click Next to proceed. Choose the volume size and click Next. By default, the maximum disk space is already selected and it is recommended to leave it at the maximum disk space. How to Partition and Format a Drive on Windows 8 or 8. Right-click on the lower-left corner of the desktop screen and click Disk Management. If there is already a partition on the drive, the bar above that drive will appear blue, which indicates the drive is already formatted and may contain data.

Click on Start and right-click Computer. Click on Manage.

How to Partition and Format a WD Drive on Windows and macOS | WD Support

A window called Computer Management will open, displaying two panes. On the left-side pane, under Storage , click on Disk Management. This will load Disk Management on the right-side pane. Disk Management will proceed to display all the hard drives detected by Windows. The window may need to be maximized in order to see all the drives listed. The lower pane will display a list of available drives. Identify the drive that needs to be partitioned and formatted. It typically has a black bar indicating unallocated space. Right-click on the unallocated space or the black bar to see a menu of available options, and click on New Simple Volume.

Left-click on Next to proceed to the next screen. Please follow the steps outlined below: Now right-click on the unallocated space or the black bar to see a menu of available options, and click on New Simple Volume The Welcome to the New Simple Volume Wizard will appear. Left-click on Next to proceed to the next screen Choose the volume size and click Next.

How to format a drive on macOS Open Disk Utility.

Please See Answer ID Click the Format drop down Choose a new Format: Click the Done button Return to Top. Steps for macOS To partition and format the drive with Disk Utility, follow these steps: Double left-click on the Mac HD , the internal Mac hard drive visible on the top-right corner of the desktop screen.

Choose Applications from the left-side panel.

While in there, open Utilities , and lastly double-click on Disk Utility.

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