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Personalise your Mac's look and feel to suit you

The tutorial only lasts a minute, so definitely make sure to complete it. This menu give access to four different features: After the tutorial ends, try to make Piles using the icons and files on your desktop. This feature comes in handy because it makes your desktop much less cluttered.

To pin stuff to the walls, just double-click wherever it is on your desktop and it will appear on the wall so you can have a better view. If you love being transported everytime you use your computer, theme customization in BumpTop is for you.

BumpTop has hundreds of themes you can download for free for every taste. After clicking the button, a window called BumpTop Universe will load. Scroll through themes there.

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You theme will instantly be loaded into your desktop. And last, adjusting your settings. You can position your folders, documents or sticky notes on the 3D desktop with your mouse and even stack them on top of each other.

Make Your Desktop Stand Out in 3D with BumpTop

Our gallery features the 50 most popular BumpTop themes. Whether you like it simple or extravagant: So go on and pimp your desktop a bit - how would you like your desktop to appear in a cool retro style? Or how about a stunning landscape?

In order to install a new theme you first have to unzip the folder. Then right-click on your desktop and select "More".

If you click on it, you can select your desired theme in "BumpTop Themes". You can also browse Customize. Free Microsoft Software: Top 50 Free Games of All Time.

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