Mini dhcp server for mac

None of these solutions below worked for me: Mac refusing to change hostname Computer name keeps changing deleting files After deleting the files as suggested from the Apple engineer it retrieved a new hostname and a new ip.

Apple macOS Server (): Cheat sheet - TechRepublic

Ben Howell Ben Howell 76 3. Well, I think both solutions would do it. As I prefer the bash, I used your solution. The hostname isnot changed anymore after a few reboots.

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Managing DHCP Networks

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What is macOS Server?

When one of your network computers connects to the main server it will automatically be assigned an IP address. If you used the above example as an IP range, then the first computer will be assigned to " This means that all the computers will have access to the network with no conflicts.

OS X DHCP Server not serving IP Addresses

The subnet mask you set during setup, is the IP address that the client computer sees when it connects to the server, this hides the Mac Mini Server's actual IP address. It also routes the relevant external traffic through your network correctly. DHCP is one of many server configurations that you can run to take full control over your Mac Mini-based server.

If you ever need to change your configuration options or set up additional DHCP services, you can return to the Server Admin at any time. Replace the two values in the two strings with those in your server if needed. Or you could move the service to a network appliance more capable, if needed.

Note that the server can do both bootp and dhcp simultaneously. Subnets — Use this array to create additional scopes or subnets that you will be serving up DHCP for.

DHCP Introduction

To do so, copy the entry in the array and paste it immediately below the existing entry. For example, in the following example the addressing is If not, you can delete the key and following string entries. This file should have a column for the name of a computer, the hardware type 1 , the hwaddr the MAC address and ipaddr for the desired IP address of each entry: