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Until I fix the issue, this is my workaround.

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Last week the server finally gave up the ghost on SMB service so I was forced to look into it. It turns out one of the ethernet ports was bad.

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Well, I think it is bad We use a lot of Macs and Apple constantly mess with what a client can search for on a server volume and its like pushing water uphill. Thanks Toby. I was looking at that or quicksilver. It seems like quicksilver catalogs but it doesn't do well with large file systems. I'm going to try out findanyfile and xFile tomorrow. It's a shame Apple doesn't have this down.

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Searching is my only issue since switching back from a windows server to Mac server. Sorry for the late reply. By remote I simply meant network users. They are on a different subnet, but still local LAN to the server. I have reduced this down to the fact that it is only new files created by AD users that are not being added to the index. If I connect as a local standard or admin user I created on the Mac server and add files, they are instantly searchable.

If I connect as an AD user and add files, they are not indexed. I have tried every combination of permissions to the folders and the. I am at a loss here, because I know it is specifically AD users, but can't trace where the failure is. To continue this discussion, please ask a new question. Get answers from your peers along with millions of IT pros who visit Spiceworks. Apple Mac OS X Apple Spotlight Best Answer. We found 3 helpful replies in similar discussions:. The good thing is you can force indexing of network volumes yourself.

If you have a network share named e. After you do this, you'll see Spotlight actually indexing the volume, like shown in the next picture:. Note that you need to have write permission for the volume in order to force Spotlight indexing for it. And this is all we can be certain about.

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The rest of the story is just some observations we had using Spotlight search on network volumes. We don't know how exactly all aspects of Spotlight on network volumes really work, as it isn't documented anywhere. Also, many questions regarding this addressed to Apple are left unanswered.

Rebuild The Spotlight Index On Mac OS X

So, we'll present here our experience. Yours may vary. Firstly, you may need to execute mdutil command to force Spotlight indexing every a time network volume is mounted. Our experience with this vary and we can't tell anything for sure. For example, we would mount a network volume for the first time and check whether Spotlight was enabled for it.

We got Status: Indexing Disabled , as expected.

Mac OS X – Force Spotlight Search to Index a Network Folder

We would then force Spotlight indexing for the volume and checking the status would give us the expected Status: Indexing Enabled. Every next time we would mount the same volume after it's been unmounted we weren't sure what result status checking would return.

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Sometimes it would say that Spotlight indexing was disables, sometimes that it was enabled. So, the only sure bet is to force Spotlight indexing every time the volume is mounted. Doing it every time manually is tedious, but it can be automated. It's beyond the scope of this article, so you better check out this link. It explains a lot about this same issue and also gives an example how to automatically force Spotlight indexing every time a network volume is mounted using system deamon launchd and a custom shell script.

The other odd thing is that sometimes Spotlight search wouldn't return complete results when executed on a network volume, even though the indexing was enabled and the volume was indexed. We couldn't figure out why this happens. We only observed we get accurate result more often if we always force Spotlight indexing when a volume is mounted, no matter what result indexing status check returns.

At the end, let's just say that in our experience Old type search works reliably on network volumes. It doesn't give you all the options as Spotlight does e. Send feedback. Sending your feedback. First, we have Spotlight search, as shown in the following picture: This uses system Spotlight functionality to search for files.

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