Mac pro 1.1 yosemite 10.10.5

When I blithely installed I am trying to re-install again I still have my previous USB with I guess there are more than just an update to I used my USB with I am running I have just gone through the same mess too and during the re-do, found the Pike-Alpha kernel that was running my When I understand, I am retired and have all day to sort mine out, I live in Glasgow and the snow is falling so another day to play around with updates.

How to update to El Capitan 10.11 from Yosemite 10.10.5 safely

I downloaded Wow Keith. It is 70 degrees here in Central California. Thanks, and do let us know. I think we have to install the Apple How I wish I was in California now!! But guess the snow might put a hold on that. Keith, here is the solution: Thanks tons Keith. This thrills me too. I agree Peter, I bought this off Ebay last year and have upgraded it gradually, I added memory to bump it up 16 gig and quad core 2.

Windows eat your heart out!!! Awesome, so installing that PikeYoseFix before the I assume similar caution would be required for the eventual That is what we are doing and getting complete success under It probably will be an issue when we get further along with the OS or the next full new one. Meanwhile, go for it if you are similarly built as we are and not configured in some unique fashion.

Just to update: I have worked on the Over on Macrumors, this subject is being dealt with at a higher level and they say they have the solution. Go here for a start and follow it back:. My plan is to install Yosemite straight to the SSD and boot from it. Can you pls. I have seen a lot of instructions around the net, but this forum seems to have the most stable set of instructions. However, the latest discussions around Take a look at this website Rakesh, http: Go here for comprehensive discussion first. Am waiting for all the hardware pieces coming togather before embarking on this journey.

I started down the link that Peter had provided below and followed it line by line and viola! Will apply the fix for preventing the autoupdates clobbering the boot. Sincere thanks to this community for all your help. Charlie — thanks for running the blog! Hit me up with any questions if you have for my setup. So I swapped out the original boot. Anyway, this is just say thanks for the extremely useful and straightforward and simple approach. Do I need a Mac flashed version? I guess my next step is to clone my official boot drive with all my apps and files and so, and then upgrade that.

Thanks for the posts! As you probably know, the standard nVidia GT works well enough with Great to hear, Tony. It is true there is a great deal of advice on this MP1,1 topic and now with Some of the solutions are not at all elegant, too. Peter — i got all the way to also dealing with the I however have a situation where on boot, i have a folder with a?

Thank you very much for this blog post.

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I was able to upgrade my Mac Pro 1,1 2. I followed the directions in macrumors blog post — http: This ran the Yosemite installation successfully with no issues 3 Once Yosemite was installed, I logged in and ran the PikeYoseFix script which forces you to reboot the machine 4 After reboot, I log into my machine and ran the Mac Software Update to install Just a clarification to my previous post, I ran this on my existing hard drive which had Snow Leopard installed and all my applications intact.

Of course, before you do any installs, always backup your data. After that you can perform a restore as you were trying to do. How are you doing it now? My steips were as follows. Opened the zip file so it mounts the yosemite installer. Choose Restore in the lower right of the window.

I then unplug that Ethernet cable and plug it in to the other Ethernet connection at the back of the MP1,1, and all is well, for a few days anyway. Then it happens again and I have to reboot to get Ethernet working. Has there been a fix for this? Very glad that I found your page!

Mac Pro 1,1 Yosemite Install

I was almost a day or two from giving this system away or putting it on the scrap heap. I decided to look around and found your page and now my system is running Has anybody installed this yet on a Mac Pro 1. As you know, just about any Nvidia graphics card will work with OS X Well, fair enough. So I bought a cheap GT , passive, with a big sexy-looking heat sink, and I thought I could put it into slot 1 which is where it needs to go to get x16 speed.

Oh darn. Anyone have problems with 3 or 4TB disks? I am just wondering if it would be OK to replace the two boot. I have Mavericks installed since a while on my MacPro 1. Would like to update to Yosemite, should I try install it over Mavericks or should I do a fresh install concerning the efi issue. Another thing I have: Anyone an idea? Any update if the Also the 1. The Kernel is mentioned in that update.

Just bought a inateck usb 3. When I installed it my system no longer recognizes the last bank of memory so now it only registers 3GB out of the 4GB. Yes, but the update broke my I then booted up from another drive, unlocked the new boot. Kudos for being one of the first to try the update. So it sounds like Did you have Pikes Yosefix installed?

I did not use Pikes Yosefix, but downloaded these forums. After the I have Installation of Update to Looks like I will just have to give it a go. Was planning on using target mode to reinstall the boot. If boot not possible, would either use my recovery drive or put in my old OS HD in to reinstall the new boot. I too had Then I found your comment and replaced boot.

Just an update: Took the plunge with the Just about to try the supplemental update. Well Not sure why I have been blessed so far! Mac Pro 1. It seems those who used Pikeyosefix are having all the luck. Just wondered if anyone else had this issue? Also, has anyone updated their MP 1,1 to El Capitan yet? If so, anything we need to know?

I have a Mac Book Pro, full upgraded too, if that helps the process any. I am not savvy with changingTerminal commands and such. Sorry but I need handholding to get this to work.

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So many posts out there about this topic, it is confusing. HELP, someone? Installing Yosemite using the prepatched version that can be found here: It is essentially a standard install, the patched version includes the alterations to the boot. They you install the pikeYoseFix script as mentioned on the instructions web page which ensures the patched boot. This advice comes with no guarantees of course, each system is made unique by its owner and all modifications are undertaken at your own risk.

Back up all essential data before modification is always recommended. It worked fine for me however. This http: Here is what I did. Step by step and it worked 1st try 1. Like others, I have tried to install It ran fine with But now I have tried to do a clean install on the MP with no success. Thanks everyone!! I used the method above to install — using my MBP to install the software and then replacing the boot.

What to Do if Your Mac Can’t Run OS X Yosemite | The Mac Security Blog

All is well from the above issue — the hard drive had failed. New SSD — Great site for all my questions — thank you! This is what I have: GPU Bus: PCIe Slot: Then I ran PikeYoseFix and tried to boot several times without success. I have even tried replacing the boot. If I need a new graphics card, please suggest one with instructions on getting it to work, i.

Graphics cards are a problem as the standard cards provided with the original 1. I got the ATI Radion , there are 2 ways of going about this. A Mac version more expensive , or to flash a Windows version cheaper but more work. Mac is plug and play, I have not tried to flash the GPU and so cannot help there, but there are instructions available on the net.

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Currently running So far upgrades not a problem using PikeYose Fix — no problems noted. Posted on Dec 26, 4: Feel free to rummage around the 'net for the various other folks that have asked variations of this same Mac Pro upgrade question , and you'll find that the answer remains "no".

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There's no tweak, no upgrade, no replacement firmware. If you're going to want to continue to work with a Cheesegrater on newer releases of macOS, then you'll best want the or later model, and with Metal graphics. Posted on Dec 26, 5: Dec 26, 5: There's no such model as a MacPro1,2.

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  • The older models have EFI32, and there's no particular path to upgrade the firmware and hardware in those models to something newer, short of swapping out the entire system for a newer Mac Pro. The Mac Pro and later models when configured with a Metal-capable graphics controller are supported on Mojave, if you're inclined to rummage some hardware. Dec 30, 6: How to create a bootable installer for macOS - Apple Support.

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    Most anything that can run Yosemite Page content loaded. My MacPro 1,1 removed the two dual core CPU's and replace them with 2 quad core and flash it to 2, I see my dyslexia showed up. Dec 30, 3: Dec 30, 7: Some have said that it should but other say it won't So We will find out if it is possible, May need to upgrade the video card as well.

    Add an internal fan to help keep everything nice and cool. Wish I could afford one of those, This Mac Pro 1,1 was free to me, so Upgrades are the only expenses. Dec 30, The Mac Pro's 1.