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Best Match. Gallery view. Explore More from this seller. Free postage. Form Factor Mac Pro. UPC Does not apply. MPN Modified Item No. We will deal with queries quickly and be as flexible as we can to get you sorted out. It has no fault at all. Selling it because I am using PC now. Buyer collects from Manchester M8Technical Specification: Original box is available. Serial No. Condition is Used, with overall excellent condition. Cables included in this order. Got one to sell? You may also like. Make an offer. Power Supply for Apple Mac pro W Shop by category. Form Factor see all.

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Output Power see all. Condition see all. Seller refurbished. For parts or not working. Please provide a valid price range. Buying format see all. All listings. Best Offer. Understand the choices you make and you'll see how life will be so much easier. Our annoying little troll is back. I'd love to say "nice to see you" but, well, it isn't, really. Which is more than anybody has done here so far. Then, yes, he has a good laugh at Mac users. I'm not playing his game.

It was a warning to others who haven't seen him before since he hasn't been around in a few weeks that it's just our resident troll. Just like my reply to the new 'nym he used in response to me. There's a difference between engaging the troll and simply pointing him out. Nameshifting is one thing. Trolling is another. If you're not a tollie, you should care about facts. And, since I'm stating bare facts, engaging in a debate would be costly for Apple.

The people on this group are all regulars, many of whom work for Apple. I really don't see how a would-be Apple user could possibly decide to buy a Mac after reading what I post here. Of course, owning an iPhun is an incentive but, with Samsung now offering phones with much better specs at the same price -- hey, here, we're dealing directly with the manufacturer, not a company of know nothing except in marketing that is placing orders! That's not a profession.

It barely qualifies as a hobby. In fact, a friend of mine is current;y trying to replace a power supply in a shuttle-like machine. When I buy a shop-assembled PC, with just a standard guarantee, if anything goes wrong before one year, I can bring it back and it will be fixed, just as for a Mac. A good power supply 5 to 7 years, etc. On a Mac, Apple removes all stickers and replace it by theirs. If anything goes wrong after one year, that's it. You didn't pay for AppleCare? Too bad! That's the way Apple get their components dirt cheap.

Manufacturers are not liable. They provide no guarantee.

If anything breaks within one year, you return the computer to an Apple store, they replace it. That's it that's all. Priam, for the average person who is not tech litterate and doesn't know how to fix things, Apple will do "turnkey" service on the part. This is Apple's target market, and this how the Apple store's repair service is structured for.

The problem is that the Mac Pro does not fit that target market. We pay a premium for a case design that makes it easy to swap things in it. But Apple is geared to cater to mass market now. Of course, owning an iPhun is an incentive but, with Samsung now offering phones with much better specs at the same price -- hey, here,.

At the end of the day, user experience is more important than specs. But the specs will show the CPU being faster. Same for a keyboard. Both units may have a virtual on-screen keyboard, but one unit's software may be much smarter in terms of correcting typing errors and learning from your typing habits than the other.

And you won't see this in any specs. So Lewis, do you finally get it? If ever the mobo fails, Apple will replace it. They don't care. Wholesale, they cost next to nothing and normally any worst crap mobo should last until AppleCare ends. That's why profits are huge. I'm sorry, J-F but once again, this is bullshit.

Bring any new Mini beside my 2.

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As my software, it's far from inferior. What you pay for is brainwashing and reinforcement of prejudice. And investors contentment, of course. Both units may have a virtual on-screen keyboard, but one unit's software may be much smarter in terms of correcting typing errors. Previously , Sorel Markovsky wrote:. DeeDee, don't press that button! They'll even replace or add RAM! And it wasn't 2 years ago when you bought your Mac Pro?

How much do you believe your Mac Pro is worth now Tell me about it. Only 2 slots, so I'm stuck at 4GB. For less than bucks I can get a separate system with 4 GB already in it. The regulars here can smell its diseased body and mind in any of its clothes. Any unsuspecting newcomer will get the signal soon enough.

Previously , BreadWithSpam fractious. I'm astounded by the irony, given the folks who actually engage the troll, and the folks who insist on political and other off-topic engagements here. I think of our troll like a pile of dogshit. I do believe that for those who don't smell it, it's worth pointing it out so that they don't step in it. I'm not sure why folks want to keep discussing it.


Right over your head, eh? It's a real shame, because nobody at all had replied to the troll until you came along. Hopefully you'll do better next time. It is unfortunate that the Priam troll hijacked my comment. Many here on this group have an income a lot higher than my retirement income, and don't mind getting hosed by Apple on parts. Well I do - but not enough to switch yet. For one thing, I have been using the Apple OS for over 20 years now and you know about old dogs and new tricks.

Previously , paulfuchs porkain'tkosher.

Mac pro power supply replacement

Time to stop buying computers. Or get something from a local recycler.

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Download a linux distro from the library or buy XP. I don't understand 'I can't afford to get this fixed. Actually, I do. If my car goes, I'll most likely use a bicycle and buy a bus pass for a while. I just got a couple of slighter higher spec Pentium 4s for free, and XP Pro was included. It pays to keep your ears open: I am lucky to have decent and affordable public transport, and just rent a car when I need one. I just want to say how sorry I feel about your setbacks and how I hope you will get through before the holliday season is over.

I sincerely regret the lack of empathy of this community toward your misfortunes. I understand how heartbreaking, nerve wracking, hair scattering your situation is and would like to provide some advice.

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OTOH , you will certainly understand that Apple must keep its shares afloat by enticing users to buy AppleCare, mainly on such expensive products. So, why don't you stop losing your time and go directly to Apple to have your Mac fixed? After all, what will it cost?

Now, here's the trick. Instead of waiting for the motherboard to blow out next year at double the cost of the PSU repair, why not sell your Mac, whose maintenance you obviously can't afford? Why not buy this Lenovo I was talking about:. After all, it's not so bad. Wifi's and Blutooth's prices have gone down tremendously recently. You'll see how owning a computer you can afford will ease your mind, mainly that repairs might not be as frequent. And if the 1.

Ask your questions on Ask Different. Ask Different is a community of Apple users ready to help. Sleep Centre. Mac pro power supply replacement. The conversation on this page has been archived and is no longer active. I am not willing to leave my machine for weeks at the apple store. Previously , JF Mezei wrote: What we're talking about here is an Apple equivalent of this PSU with a 7 year guarantee: Happy Christmas time! I've never had a repair take more than three days at an Apple Store. Lewis wrote: Lord, the pain your blind faith in Apple puts you through is unbelievable.

Lang may your lum reek. Yeah, you just take a one day walk around the store. Not only will that be outside of their standard operating procedure Shipping a part is outside their mormal operating procedure? Oh yes, of course, their normal operating procedure is just fleecing Mac users. Brand new, of course! So what do you call cheap? On Brownie, Jeeesos, your a Genios! You can get disk drives, memory from them Indeed, but that's because if you don't get it from them, you can get it from anybody and find out that it's exactly the same stuff, except Apple's sticker is not on it.

That's exactly what Apple expects from you! So, be a good boy and contribute! Good little boy! Plain Bread alone for e-mail, thanks.

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The rest gets trashed. IOW, if trolling is stating facts, why isn't it OK? Hint You're the only person that replied to one of its posts. admin