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Yours is on the K- Reprise series maybe? I don't have one of those at present but people have told me the K- pressing isn't quite as lively as the original. Anyway, the original is nice sounding. Its not a sonic masterpiece but better than average. I haven't heard the later German pressings from the '70's with the Rock Classics black border one sees more frequently. I would recommend cleaning and playing it for a while.

As for CD, I am not aware of any release that replicates the original UK albums unique track sequencing and banding.

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Raunchnroll , Jul 25, Plus the last 20 seconds of "Underway" aren't on CD anywhere, and "Oh Well" includes a redundant minute in the middle. There are other threads around here that discuss all this. Steve E. Thanks guys - I do have the UK reissue - it's noisy as hell - I've gotta get my hands on an original now. I do know about the redundant minute in "Oh Well" - I edited the song together properly.

So far I'm happy with the singles - I just have to sort out the LP. Save your money, I'd say. The tri-tone steamboat is not much better than the re-issue, if at all. You will hear the same soft mastering and dull sound except for the Kirwan tracks that Mike Vernon did. It is as good as it gets if you don't want to spent a fortune on the tri-tone. I have that one too. It has been differently EQ-ed with more low-end. Think I'll prefer the more flat sounding UK 1st or 2nd press. Tape flaws and generation loss. The SBM digipack version reportedly has a better soundqality, but good luck finding one.

Then the compilation of which I forgot the name reportedly sounds good too. TommyTunes , Jul 25, Baton Rouge, LA. Chris M , Jul 25, MrPeabody , Jul 25, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada. I'd love to see a deluxe TPH. However, I get the feeling that this isn't going to happen. At least not on this side of the Atlantic. There are still quite a few people in North America who believe that Fleetwood Mac's second album ws called Rumours. Tokyo, West-side Good idea to have this in the BSM series, hadn't even thought of that.

Jeremy Spencer did not feature on the album apart from "a couple of piano things" according to Mick Fleetwood in Q magazine in The album, appearing after the group's sudden success in the pop charts, offered a broader stylistic range than the classic blues of the group's first two albums. The album went on to reach 6 in the UK, subsequently becoming the band's fourth Top 20 hit in a row, as well as their third album to reach the Top The title is taken from the opening line of William Shakespeare 's play Twelfth Night — "If music be the food of love, play on".

All subsequent Fleetwood Mac albums have been released on Warner. The album, which at its original UK release had an unusually long running time, has been released with four different song line-ups. In August , a remastered edition of the album was reissued on vinyl and CD, restoring its original UK track listing.

This version reached No. The band's previous albums had been recorded live in the studio. Although " Oh Well " was a hit in the UK, that song was not the group's first single released in America. Instead, Clifford Davis , who was Fleetwood Mac's manager at the time, selected "Rattlesnake Shake" to be released in the US since he thought it would become a big hit, [10] although it charted nowhere. After the failure of "Rattlesnake Shake", "Oh Well" was chosen as the second single, and fared much better, becoming the band's first song to chart on the Billboard Hot in the US.

Mick Fleetwood ranked the song in his top 11 favourite Fleetwood Mac songs list since he was able to participate in bringing out the character of the song: It incorporated the freedom to go off on a tangent, to jam — the classic 'Do you jam, dude? You hear that alive and well in the double-time structure that I put in at the end, which on stage could last half an hour. It was our way of being in The Grateful Dead.

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The painting used for the cover of the album is "Domesticated Mural Painting", by the English artist Maxwell Armfield. Contemporary reception of the album was mixed. Writing for Rolling Stone , John Morthland said Fleetwood Mac had fallen "flat on their faces", and later dismissed the album as mostly "nondescript ramblings".

He described the album's mixing of "easy ballads and Latin rhythms with the hard stuff" as "odd" but "very good". Modern reviews are highly positive; The New Rolling Stone Album Guide labeling the album as "cool, blues-based stew" [6] and considered it as the second best Fleetwood Mac album. The Telegraph described it as a "musically expansive, soft edged, psychedelic blues odyssey".

The two parts of "Oh Well" differ widely, the first being hard rock, the latter a meditative instrumental, on which Green played cello. Without the repeat, the whole piece runs only 7: Other changes include putting the two edits from the "Madge" jams back-to-back, fading down between them. Reply Notify me 1 Helpful. I have a Canadian Tri-color.

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Seems curious there would be 2 tri-color versions. The reissue features "Oh Well" one of their greatest achievements, but misses two songs from the original, whereas the CD release has "Oh Well" and the omissions, so is a better option. Add all to Wantlist Remove all from Wantlist. ROCK by jean Karl by karl.

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Fleetwood Mac - Then Play On / Oh Well / Green Manalishi (Best?)

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