How to double space a document on mac

I was hopeful TM's suggestion would work, but no dice. Let me dwell on this and experiment some. I have a couple ideas. Originally Posted by TattooedMac.

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Important Links: Community Guidelines: Use the reputation system if you've been helped. M-F Blog:: Write for the blog Writing a Quality Post. Mail's default setting for composing is 'Plain text' - double spaced text copied into it will default to single spaced - no matter how you copy it the best I can tell. It will now keep your double spacing when you paste into it.

You will have to open a new message. I cannot be held responsible for the things that come out of my mouth.

In the Windows world, most everything folks don't understand is called a virus. Originally Posted by vansmith. Originally Posted by bobtomay. Don't have Word - I use LibreOffice.

What’s the Deal with Single and Double Spaces, Anyway?

However, saving a document in Libre as xlsx file with double spacing, copied and pasted with Mail set to Rich Text and works here. Now it's not here either. Why'd it work the first time???

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Going back in and trying it a second time - not working here any longer either??? There's one way to do this. Originally Posted by lifeisabeach. I tried this myself and it won't keep the double-spacing.

How to change word spacing in Word 2016 for Mac?

I've been looking around and trying everything, including different email clients, and I can't get double-spacing to stick. The space between lines is proportional to the font size. At least: The distance from one line to the next will never be less than the value you set, but it may be larger for larger fonts to prevent overlapping text lines. The value sets the precise distance between text baselines, which may result in some overlap. The value you set increases the space between the lines, instead of increasing the height of the lines.

By contrast, double-spacing doubles the height of each line. To adjust the amount of space before and after the selected paragraph, click the arrows for Before Paragraph and After Paragraph. Select one or more paragraphs, or select the text in a text box, shape, or table.