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Your personal distribution lists will not show up on the Mac version of the Outlook client. You will need to re-create the lists on your Mac to get them to display. You may instead want to use the Outlook web client for the Mac browser to send an email to a large distribution group, to avoid having to recreate the group on your Mac.

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I can't seem to access the university's global address book with the Mac Outlook client. How do I find contact information for other UofL employees? The Mac version of Outlook does not show the global address book in the same way as the PC version.

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You can access contact information in several ways:. How do I give my meeting attendees a Reminder more than 15 minutes in advance of a meeting? When you schedule a meeting, Outlook sets a reminder alert to your attendees 15 minutes before the meeting by default.

If your meeting or event is in a different building or off-campus, you may want to give your attendees more notice and alert them earlier in the day. Follow these steps:. Click Calendar at the bottom left of your Outlook screen, then click the following options at the top of your screen until you find a view that works best for you:. Scheduling private meetings and appointments prevents other users who have access to your calendar, or the calendar of a resource such as a conference room, from seeing the meeting or appointment subject.

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When scheduling the meeting or appointment, click Meeting at the top of your screen, and then click Private. Then finish scheduling the appointment as usual, and click Send. How do I change my work schedule in the Outlook calendar from the default schedule? Your Outlook Calendar sets your working hours to 9 a.

You can quickly add an email sender to your Outlook contacts list.

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Hover over the sender's name at the top of the email, and a series of icons will show up. Click on the far right icon that looks like a card from a Rolodex this is 'Open Outlook Contact'. How do I give another user delegate access to my personal email account or the service account I manage? Follow the steps in in this document on delegating access from a Mac. University of Louisville Email Site.

Microsoft Exchange FAQ 1. You can access contact information in several ways: If someone is already in your contacts list, click the Contacts Search button and type their last name. Their name and details will appear. If you need contact information for someone not already in your contacts list, click the Email icon and type the last name of the person in the To field.

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This will search the university directory. You may now access this information in two ways: Not everyone works from nine to five. And since it never hurts to know when you can expect your next day off, Outlook will automatically add holidays for the U.

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From Anzac Day to Ramadan, Outlook lets you automatically populate your calendar with holidays from major religions and countries across the globe. New addition for Outlook , invitations that arrive via e-mail will also display your calendar for the date and time of the invitation alongside the body of the message. The same AutoCorrect feature that fixes your fumble-fingered typos in Word can save you time in Outlook. Outlook can do this too, but where Entourage let you switch identities within the program itself, the process in Outlook is a bit trickier.

Better yet, zip right to it by holding down the Option key before you open Outlook.

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Once in the Database Utility, you can create, rename, delete, and switch between identities just like you did in Entourage. Nathan Alderman is a writer, editor, and scrupulous reader of documentation in Alexandria, Va. Make a smooth switch to Outlook The members, admins, and authors of this website respect your privacy. All logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owner. A Cookbook Full of Tech Tutorials.

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