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To import an MBOX file into Apple Mail:

Thank you! MessageSave also supports exporting Contacts and Calendar in addition to migrating messages. Apple computers are becoming more and more popular.

Exporting and Importing Data in Outlook on Macintosh

You see the silver MacBooks everywhere. Apple's ad campaigns seem to be working very well as more and more people are switching from Windows computers to Macs.

With that, they often have a need to bring their mail over to the new platform. Or you can simply look for third party tools for better and fast results, here is one recommended by apple store: I got this tool olm converter pro from apple store and converted all my mails from outlook to apple mail. Thanks for help all of you. The "perfect" solution would be to move to an IMAP mail account where all emails are stored on the server and you don't have to transfer anything.

Whenever you change application all you have to do is configure your account in the other program and wait for the mails to be downloaded. Back with Entourage the way to go was important mails from Entourage into Thunderbird some plugin was required.

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Then export from Thunderbird to an mbox file and import it into Apple Mail. There is an app called OLM converter which looks promising but I haven't tried it myself so far. One benefit over solutions like using Thunderbird is that it should also take care of calendars and contacts. Question marked as Solved User profile for user: Bell Bell You don't need to do anything if it is the case. Second If you are comfortable with the use of application then here is one that I have used and have been successful with it every time Apple mail to outlook. View answer in context.

All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. Tony T1 Tony T1. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: Click to select Contactsor messages from a text file , and then click the right arrow to continue. Locate the file, select the file, and then click Import.

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